A proper gentleman helps a lady into her seat.

Social norms dictate what types of etiquette are expected when it comes to treating a lady. Origins of such standards date back to earlier centuries when knights and other men displayed chivalrous acts toward women, which were commonplace for the time. In the modern world, some men continue the social etiquette for how to treat a lady, while others require prompting. Learning how to behave like a gentleman is easy to learn with some coaching and practice.

Open her doors. When you both enter a restaurant or other public venue, take the lead by opening the door before she approaches it and allowing her to walk through first. You then follow her inside. When stepping into an automobile, open her door to the car and close the door once she is seated. If you arrive at your destination, men should get out of the car first, run around to the other side and open the door for their ladies.

Help her into her seat. At a restaurant, pull the chair out from beneath the table for her, and gesture for her to sit down. Once the lady is seated, help her push the chair closer to the table. Do this gently to avoid mishaps. You would not want to accidentally tip her over or thrust her into the table.

Pay for her when you go out. If you take a lady on a date, it is social etiquette to pay her way and to not allow her to chip in.

Offer her your hand. It is a gentlemanly gesture to help your lady make it successfully through rough terrain, or up and down steps or hills, especially if you notice her wearing stilettos.

Show her that you care. Ask how she is doing, how work went, how she feels and what she is thinking about. Take her feelings into consideration. If she had a hard day at work, suggesting to go to the ice hockey game may not be in your best interest. Instead, offer to bring in take-out and watch a movie at home together.

Carry her bags. At the airport, don't let her struggle with luggage that is twice her size. Instead, lend a helping hand and see her to her car or to the airport bag check area. Or, if you see a lady struggling with grocery bags in the parking lot, offer to carry them for her.

Give her your seat. On a crowded public bus or train, if a lady gets on and there are no seats available, offer her yours.


  • Never expect anything in return for being chivalrous. A true gentleman treats a lady properly out of his own generosity.

    A self-sufficient woman may offer to pay for you when you go out. While some men find this startling, the modern day woman enjoys being able to treat guys from time to time. Accept her offer to pay once in a while if she insists.


  • Some women might find it offensive for men to constantly display acts of chivalry, such as holding doors open. After a while, a woman may feel inclined to tell the man that she is perfectly capable of holding her own doors. Be careful that you do not overdo your social etiquette and border on the line of insulting. Gauge your gestures. If a women seems to appreciate your efforts, continue doing them. If she starts to appear impatient with them, hold back on opening the door for her every time.