Similar Jobs to a Teacher

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A common fallacy is that the only job similar to teaching is to be a teacher. What many fail to realize is that there are many jobs that are similar to a teacher. Within a given day, a teacher wears many hats. From helper, educator, communicator, mentor, parent to disciplinarian. The role of a teacher changes throughout the day. With that, there are many jobs similar to teaching. Some of these jobs are within the education field, while others are not. Two industries that provide similar jobs to a teacher are communications and education.

1 Education

Educational or instructional assistants, educational administrators and school counselors are jobs similar to teaching. An instructional assistant, essentially, assists a teacher in managing and instructing a class. A job as an instructional assistant is an entry-level job to enter the field of teaching. An educational administrator is responsible for the administration of a school or a school district. Specific careers in educational administration are principals, school secretaries and other office staff. While your primary responsibility as a school administrator is to run the school, you will have daily interactions with children and are responsible for their well-being while in school.

2 Communications

The field of communications requires individuals who have public speaking skills and are effective communicators. Because teachers are effective communicators, a job as a public relations specialist, journalist or in public speaking all provide a format similar to teaching. Pursuing any one of these jobs allows you to utilize your communication and mentoring skills in a format outside of the traditional classroom. A public relations specialist provides communications to various media outlets to promote a client or product. Great communication and leaderships skills are needed for you to provide information to your client. A journalist and public speaker will communicate with the public on a daily basis to report the news or educate the public on a given topic. In each of these jobs, you will use leadership and communications skills to educate and inform the public. These skills are directly related to teaching.

Other jobs that are also similar to teaching are tutors, trainers and project managers. While any of these jobs are distinct within their given profession, all have required attributes of a teacher. As a tutor, you will teach on smaller format than a teacher. If you become a company trainer, you will teach and instruct employees through the training you provide. As a project manager, your main responsibility is to lead. Leading is a big component of teaching, which makes this job similar to teaching.

3 Online Resources

When looking for jobs similar to teaching, check out websites like and, Not only do these sites provide employers that are hiring, they also provide forums and information on requirements and attributes needed for all types of jobs. provides three distinct forums to look for jobs similar to teaching.’s advice and career builder sections will also provide much-needed information to ensure that you find a similar job to teaching. provides a job recommendation section that will help you narrow down jobs similar to teaching. Don't forget to think outside the box when it comes to finding a job like teaching, there are many types of jobs that require the attributes of a teacher.

Sandra Romo has written education- and family-related articles since 2005. Romo is a professor of journalism and public relations at California Baptist University. She also owns Innovative Intellects, an educational consulting and curriculum development company.