Schools for Children With ADHD in Colorado

Children with ADHD can have an easier time in a school that is designed for them.

Children with ADHD can often have a difficult time functioning in a standard classroom. Luckily, there are schools that are designed to meet the needs of children with ADHD. If you live in Colorado, there are many different schools for children with ADHD.

1 The Denver Academy

The Denver Academy is located in metropolitan Denver, and is specialized in educating children with ADD and ADHD. With the school's low student-to-teacher ratio, hands-on learning opportunities and teachers trained in educating the ADHD child, it is no wonder that over 90 percent of Denver Academy seniors go on to college.

The Denver Academy 4400 E. Iliff Ave. Denver CO 80222 303-777-5870

2 Havern School

The Havern School is located in Litteton, Colorado, which is a suburb of Denver. ADD and ADHD students at the Havern School have the opportunity to attend classes with low teacher-to-student ratios, as well as individual occupational therapy sessions during the school day. This all-encompassing learning method educates children with attention issues while providing therapy at the same time.

Havern School 4000 S. Wadsworth Littleton, CO 80123 303-986-4587

3 Brideun Learning Community

If you have a child who has ADD or ADHD as well as advanced abilities and giftedness, she could attend the Brideun Learning Community. At Brideun, these twice-exceptional students can learn at their own pace from teachers who are trained in both special needs and gifted education.

Brideun Learning Community 250 South Cherrywood Drive Lafayette, Colorado 80026