How to Scan BlackBerry PINs From Facebook

Research In Motion announced in 2013 a name change to BlackBerry.
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BlackBerry Messenger has always given owners of the line of smartphones the option of connecting with other BlackBerry owners directly through servers hosted by the company. Support for Android and iPhone platforms began in 2013. Users connect through BBM by sharing of personal identification numbers. Sharing a type of barcode called a QR code, it's easy to share PIN numbers accurately using a smartphone's camera.

1 QR Codes

Quick recognition codes developed from a need to include more information than can standard bar codes, while at the same time creating a code readable even with dirt or damage, that can be read from any angle. Developers with Japanese company Denso Wave Incorporated devised a label code that is scanned up and down as well as across, readable from any scanning angle more than 10 times faster than other codes. While initially designed for the automotive manufacturing industry, QR codes are ideal for sharing BBM PIN numbers.

2 QR Scanning Compatibility

BlackBerry's support for QR scanning was introduced with version 5 of its device software, which still supports older Curve and Bold smartphone models. Owners of older BlackBerry phones need to upgrade to at least version 5 to have the ability to scan PINs using QR codes. More recent versions of the device software support QR scanning. Android and iPhone software have the ability to generate and read QR codes, so these can be used to share PINs as well.

3 Posting QR Codes on Facebook

Open the BBM application on your smartphone and enable the QR code display from your profile. Save the PIN barcode image or use another camera to take a screen shot. Post the image to your Facebook timeline, and your PIN can be scanned by anyone who can see your profile. You can also use BlackBerry's barcode generator within Facebook. Consider your privacy settings on Facebook to be sure your PIN number is available only to the people with whom you want to connect.

4 How to Scan a PIN on Facebook

Open the BBM application on your smartphone and enable the "Invite Contact" option. Select "Invite by scanning a PIN barcode" and point your phone so that all four corners of the QR code appear within your screen. Your smartphone will beep or give you a sign once it has successfully read the QR code.

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