All video DVDs use VOB files to multiplex video, audio, subtitles and navigation files.

VOB is a "container" file format consisting of all the video, audio and subtitle files on a DVD. Technically, you don't actually convert MP3 to VOB, but to a compatible audio format (typically AC3, PCM, or MP2) that is then multiplexed (or "muxed") with the video or other files to create a single VOB file. Although it's far more common to extract MP3 audio from an existing VOB file, you can also create a VOB file from an MP3 file using nearly any DVD authoring software.

Add an MP3 to a VOB File

Launch Windows DVD Maker

Launch Windows DVD Maker, or other DVD authoring application.

Create a new DVD project file

Create a new DVD project file. If DVD Maker loads a previous project by default upon launch, select "File" and click "New" from the drop-down menu.

Click Add Items and select your source MP3 file

Click "Add Items" and select your source MP3 file.

Save your project

Save your project.

Open the project directory

Open the project directory using Windows Explorer and locate the "VIDEO_TS" folder. Your converted MP3 file will be named "VTS_01_1.VOB" or something very similar -- it will always be the largest file with the VOB extension.


  • If you complete the DVD authoring process by clicking "Burn," the result will be a DVD consisting of a single track with your source audio. You may also use Windows Explorer to open the "VIDEO_TS" folder on the DVD drive and copy the VTS_01_01.VOB file from this location.


  • Attempting to save the DVD project without adding a video or image file may result in an error in some DVD authoring applications, while others will generate a blank (black) image by default.