How to Convert an MP3 to a VOB

All video DVDs use VOB files to multiplex video, audio, subtitles and navigation files.
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VOB is a "container" file format consisting of all the video, audio and subtitle files on a DVD. Technically, you don't actually convert MP3 to VOB, but to a compatible audio format (typically AC3, PCM, or MP2) that is then multiplexed (or "muxed") with the video or other files to create a single VOB file. Although it's far more common to extract MP3 audio from an existing VOB file, you can also create a VOB file from an MP3 file using nearly any DVD authoring software.

  • DVD authoring software

1 Add an MP3 to a VOB File

2 Launch Windows DVD Maker

Launch Windows DVD Maker, or other DVD authoring application.

3 Create a new DVD project file

Create a new DVD project file. If DVD Maker loads a previous project by default upon launch, select "File" and click "New" from the drop-down menu.

4 Click Add Items and select your source MP3 file

Click "Add Items" and select your source MP3 file.

5 Save your project

Save your project.

6 Open the project directory

Open the project directory using Windows Explorer and locate the "VIDEO_TS" folder. Your converted MP3 file will be named "VTS_01_1.VOB" or something very similar -- it will always be the largest file with the VOB extension.

  • Attempting to save the DVD project without adding a video or image file may result in an error in some DVD authoring applications, while others will generate a blank (black) image by default.
  • If you complete the DVD authoring process by clicking "Burn," the result will be a DVD consisting of a single track with your source audio. You may also use Windows Explorer to open the "VIDEO_TS" folder on the DVD drive and copy the VTS_01_01.VOB file from this location.

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