Requirements for the Air Force Reserve

Serving in the Air Force Reserve is an honorable position.

Although not always in active service, members of the Air Force Reserve are just as integral to serving the United States as the pilots in the Air Force itself. In fact, there are several unique qualities of the Reserve, such as the ability to go on missions in the Arctic, using ski-equipped planes. Before anyone can enlist however, there are a few entrance requirements.

1 Education

Although not absolutely required in order to enlist in the Air Force Reserve, a basic high school diploma is preferred. A GED is accepted, but enlistees to the Reserve with a full high school education will most likely be preferred above those with a GED or other alternate education certificate.

2 Age

In order to join the Air Force Reserve, an applicant must be between 18 and 34. At most bases, enlistees are accepted at age 17 with parental permission.

3 Physical Requirements

Physical fitness is necessary for those wishing to enroll in any branch of the armed forces. Applicants must be in good overall health and be able to pass health and psychological screenings. In order to be able to pass the physical fitness tests given at time of enrollment, those wishing to join the Reserve should be exercising regularly and lifting weights. Anyone whose eyesight can be corrected with glasses to at least 20/20 is able to enroll in the Reserve.

4 Character

Recruiters for the Air Force Reserve are looking for applicants who have good relational skills and are of a strong character.