Italian Army Benefits

There are patriotic, financial, and international benefits to joining the Italian army.

Each country has their own unique military requirements, benefits, and responsibilities for their soldiers. The Italian government is known for its military aid across the world that benefits both the Italian army and world peace. Many Italian men and women have utilized the armed services as a career choice or as a catapult to a new career. The army remains a good stepping stone into a multitude of careers, both nationally and internationally. Today, the Italian army helps soldiers prepare for a future career or help with Italian or NATO missions.

1 All-volunteer Benefits

Italy has recently installed an all-volunteer army as of 2004. Anyone born after the year 1985 does not have to enlist in the armed services. As a result, serving in the military has become a specialized skill in Italy. Many jobs in the private and public sector prefer applicants with some experience in the Italian army. In fact, to become a police officer or work for the customs service in Italy you must enlist for one year in the Italian armed services. Having any army experience behind you in Italy is a great addition to any resume.

2 International Relations Benefits

Italy is the 10th highest spender in military spending in the world. This is because of Italy's place in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO. During any armed conflict or humanitarian issue involving a NATO ally, the Italian army helps by providing goods and security. Italy also lends full support to the United Nations and to UN Peacekeeping brigades. This is especially useful since during the conscription era, no conscripted soldier could be utilized for NATO or international conflicts. Only fully enlisted soldiers are used in NATO or international aid campaigns and with an all volunteer army now, the amount of soldiers utilized for such campaigns have increased. Now, Italian soldiers can work around the world and are open to new opportunities in specialized job training such as translation, communication, humanitarian aid and trade.

3 Financial Benefits

In 2009, the average income for an Italian citizen was $30,300 in U.S. dollars. When entering the army, even if it is for work training, the soldier is given $1,178 U.S. dollars or 980 euros with all living expenses paid for in their first year. If an Italian chooses to enter the military, the chances of growth are quite large. The average salary for any member of the Italian military is $51,000 in U.S. dollars. Although there are obviously differences in pay across the military, joining the army as a full career that offers many Italians the chance to earn more than the country average.

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