How to Report a Company That Does Not Honor a Warranty

Warranties protect you in case the items do not perform as promised.
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Warranties can come in particularly handy if you invest in a new purchase that turns out to be a dud. However it sometimes can be difficult to get a company to follow through on its promises. If you find a company isn't following through with the obligations found in its warranty, you can take action to protect your interests.

1 A Little Help From Your Friends

2 Contact your local or state consumer protection office

Contact your local or state consumer protection office. Visit to find the office closest to you, or look one up using your local phone book.

3 Locate a consumer complaint form

Locate a consumer complaint form, which should be available on your local consumer protection agency's website. You may also get one by visiting the office in person. Provide details of the incident, a copy of your warranty and a copy of your receipt.

4 Follow up a few days

Follow up a few days after you have submitted your report to make sure they received it and don't need any further information.

5 Better Business Bureau

6 Access

Access the Better Business Bureau's website. Select your location.

7 Select the file

Select the "file a complaint" option. You will be redirected to a new page. Confirm your selection by choosing ""start your complaint."

8 Fill in information about yourself and your complaint

Fill in information about yourself and your complaint, as requested by the site. Use the built-in search engine to locate the business you would like to report. Select the business and continue with the form. After filling in more personal information, you will be asked to describe the issue you are having. Provide as many details as possible.

9 Enter your desired outcome desired

Enter your desired outcome on the next page and any settlement you would like. Review your information for accuracy and hit the "submit" button. This will forward your complaint to the appropriate Better Business Bureau office. The Better Business Bureau will attempt to solve the issue on your behalf before resorting to scheduling a meeting with both of you.

  • Keep careful record of any contact you have with the company.
  • Keep your warranty and receipt in a safe place.
  • Take photos if necessary.

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