Reasons Why Girls Stay Single

Many people look back on their single years as a time of fun and exploration.
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Some girls stay single because they don't see the ways in which they are sabotaging their own efforts to find a committed relationship. Others stay single because they have other things they want to focus on in the short term. And some just prefer the single lifestyle, and they don't have any interest in changing.

1 Unhappily Single

If you don't want to be single but you don't know how to change the situation, you may be doing something to keep yourself single without realizing it. Some people don't pay enough attention to their own feelings, relying on a list of arbitrary standards to tell them who they should be interested in. If this is you, then you could be turning down guys who would be great for you because they don't meet your criteria. On the other hand, some people pay too much attention to their feelings without using enough common sense. If you keep dating guys who are all wrong for you, this could be why you keep ending up single.

2 Happily Preoccupied

Some people stay single because they have other priorities. For instance, if your life goal is to become a doctor or a lawyer, a serious relationship could get in the way of the years of education and training you'll need to complete to achieve your goal. Whether your goal is to start a band or write a novel or become the CEO of a major company, big dreams and ambitions don't always go very well with committed long-term relationships. It's all about what you want for your own life.

3 Just Having Fun

Some people stay single because the single lifestyle is more fun for them. As rewarding as it is to develop a deep relationship with one special person, there's no denying the fun and adventure of not knowing what will happen next. If you're having a great time going out with your friends, meeting new people and not being tied down yet, then you won't be very interested in changing that lifestyle until your priorities change. As long as you're taking care of yourself and making responsible decisions, there's no need to rush to the next stage of your life before you're ready for it.

4 Making Better Choices

Staying single longer might just be a way of making better and more careful choices about relationships and commitment. When you do meet the person you want to make a commitment to, you'll be in a much better position to make it last if you already have some experience in relationships and some idea of what you really want from a partner. If you don't want to stay single, you should think about what you might be doing to keep yourself that way. If you do want to stay single, don't let anybody tell you it's the wrong decision. That's up to you.

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