How to Give a Man Space in the Beginning of Relationship

You can probably feel his frustration when you get too clingy.
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Even though the rush of electricity that you feel when he's around makes you want to stick by his side 24-7, you know your new guy needs his space. You'll need to give him room if you don't want to come off as clingy or needy. As you spend time with friends and pursue your own interests, you avoid becoming his shadow -- and you allow your relationship to progress naturally.

1 Get Active and Out There

Instead of calling up your new guy for the fourth time in a day, broaden your horizons and try a new activity. For example, if you've always wanted to try tennis, sign up for lessons at your community center or local athletic club. Keeping yourself busy by building new interests gives your guy the space that he needs. As a bonus, your new activities will offer plenty of conversation topics to discuss when you and your boyfriend see each other again.

2 Find Friends

Before you started dating you had your own group of friends to hang with. If you're clinging too close to your new boyfriend or expect him to spend all of his evenings with you, give him some space and go see your friends. For example, he's used to spending every Sunday playing football with his best buds. Now that he's in a new relationship with you, he feels pressure to ditch his boys and go out with you. Instead of taking up all of his time, let him have his Sunday sports day while you go out with your girlfriends and catch a movie.

3 Respect Boundaries

Every relationship has its own boundaries. In your case, your new boyfriend may insist that he has his own space to see his friends, do something that interests only him or just be by himself. Creating a successful romantic partnership means that you need to respect his needs. Talk to your guy and establish what both of your boundaries are. Listen to what he has to say when it comes to the space he needs.

4 Change Your Thinking

Giving your guy his space may mean changing the way you think about a relationship. At the beginning of a romance, you may bring your past relationships into play when you view how things should be. For example, you and your ex were almost inseparable up until your breakup. Now you think that your new boyfriend should fill the void that's left behind from your ex. Using someone else to fulfill all of your needs or complete you is an unhealthy approach to a relationship.Change how you view relationships and give your new beau the space that he needs. This may mean putting aside old ways of thinking, such as that you need a man around every moment or that only your boyfriend can bring you happiness.

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