Proper Gifts for Episcopalian Confirmation

Confirmation recognizes an individual's decision to follow a spiritual path.
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Confirmation is the moment at which someone, usually a youth, publicly accepts God into their life and makes a commitment to live their life as an Episcopalian. The ceremony involves the laying of hands on an individual by a Bishop. Confirmation usually occurs after age 12, although individual churches can use their discretion in approving confirmands. Confirmation gifts celebrate the choice the confirmands are making in their spiritual journeys.

1 Books

Bibles are common Episcopalian confirmation gifts.
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There are two important books for every Episcopalian - a bible and a copy of the "Book of Common Prayer (BCP)." The BCP is used world-wide within the Episcopalian (Anglican) family as a resource for daily prayer. Most Episcopalians use the King James version of the bible. Other good books for confirmands include "The Anglican Family Prayer Book" by Anne E. Kitch and "101 Reasons To Be Episcopalian" by Louie Crew.

2 Jewelry

A cross pendant is a versatile gift for both males and females.
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Jewelry allows confirmands to visibly convey their faith to the wider world. Crosses - pendants, earrings, cuff links - are common gifts. A more unique gift is a mobius bracelet, a never ending circle that has words inscribed inside and out. Consider a bracelet inscribed with the Lord's Prayer, Psalm 23 or James Dillet Freeman's Prayer for Protection.

3 Crosses

Celtic crosses come in a variety of designs.
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A cross is a symbol that can provide a long-lasting memento for confirmation. Each cross can be chosen to reflect the tastes of the confirmand. A Celtic cross combines tradition and history. A Central American painted cross honors the Episcopal belief of justice for the oppressed. A crucifix highlights the struggle of Christ's life and death.

4 Gift of Time

Consider sharing your time with a confirmand. Commit to spending regular time and share your wisdom, experience and personal spiritual journey. Members of a church could pool their time by each taking on a day a month, over the course of a year.

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