Proper Etiquette for Signing a Greeting Card

When it comes to greeting cards, the heavy lifting has been done for you; an artist creates a beautiful or humorous image and a poet writes a verse, all of which sum up exactly how you feel. Even though all you need to do is sign the card, how you do it sends as much of a message about how you feel as the other parts of the card.

1 Feelings of Love and Otherwise

"Love" is a weighty word and speaks volumes to those whom you actually love, such as friends and family. So "Love, Jane" is an appropriate way to sign a card when you actually love the recipient. "All the best" works well for cards to business associates and people you know but to whom you are not so close. "Best regards" and "Sincerely," are appropriate sentiments to convey on cards to people with whom you have a formal relationship or may not know personally. For example, you might sign a card you send to your congressman "Sincerely, Joe Smith."

2 Other Tips

Card producer American Stationery recommends naming the event when signing a card. For example, sign a Thanksgiving card "Happy Thanksgiving! Joe and Jane" or "Happy Birthday! John and Lois." When signing a card on behalf of a family, the company recommends naming the father first, the mother next then the children, starting with the oldest, when applicable; for example "Merry Christmas! Brian, Maggie, Kristin and Russ."

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