How to Sign a Holiday Card

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Send the joy of a holiday card featuring yourself or your family during the holiday season. Design cards to include a photo of your family or pet and send them to friends, family, close associates and neighbors. Purchase the cards pre-printed with your message or as a blank canvas to write individual note to each family. The final sign-off of the card is your signature; write a small note, just one or two sentences, and then sign each card personally with your the names of everyone in your family.

1 Sign your name

Sign your name and that of your significant other using one of two ways. Formal signatures, that contain no children, should feature the man’s salutation first, followed by the woman’s and the man’s first and last name. For example: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith. The informal version should be the woman’s name first, followed by the man’s first and last name. According to J.B. Ink, the woman goes first so the man’s name is not separated. For example: Mary and Tom Smith.

2 Write your correct title

Write your correct title in your signature instead of a standard “Mr.” or “Mrs.” salutation, such as Reverend, Sergeant and Doctor. Follow the title with your spouse’s correct salutation. For example: Doctor and Mrs. Tom Smith Dr. and Mr. Tom Smith

3 Include children

Include children on the signature of your holiday card by adding their names directly below the parent’s names. Children do not need to be in the correct age order and writing their nicknames is appropriate for an informal card. For example: Mary and Tom Smith and Chase, Ella and Kathryn

4 Write your family name instead of

Write your family name instead of including all the family member’s names. There are two different appropriate ways to sign the family name. For example: The Smith’s or The Smith Family

5 Pick your preferred signature

Pick your preferred signature if you are a widowed wife. The widower may continue to use her husband’s name, or she can use her own name, when signing cards, according to J.B. Ink. For example: Mrs. Tom Smith or Mrs. Mary Smith

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