How to Get a Perfect Score on the TEAS Test for Nursing School

Getting a prefect score on the TEAS test requires diligent studying.

The Test of Essential Academic Skills is a necessary step in becoming a nurse and getting into nursing school. Nurses must have a good score on the TEAS test for admission into a nursing program. When attempting to get a perfect score on the test, appropriate study techniques will improve success rate and result in a perfect or near perfect score. The TEAS test includes four basic areas of study nursing students are expected to know before starting in courses: science, math, English and reading. To pass the TEAS test, potential students must prepare for all four sections of the test.

Purchase a study guide. There are official and unofficial test preparation materials available in bookstores and online.

Finish practice tests in the study guide. Write down the answers in the notebook and then check the answers after completing the quizzes. Note any topics of confusion or missed questions.

Search for free online practice tests. Websites, such as Test Prep Review, have online testing and quizzes for the test that make it easier to determine areas where further study is needed and areas which are already understood.

Make flashcards. Any memorization parts of the test, areas of confusion or necessary concepts should end up on a flash card. Write a hint or question on one side and then write the answer or concept on the other side. This will help with memorization of concepts, formulas or confusing information.

Retake the practice tests. The more practice, the better you will likely perform on the actual test.

  • ATI Testing, the group which tests students, publishes study materials and practice.

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