If you're pregnant and the suspense is just too much, there are other ways besides an ultrasound to try and predict the gender of your baby. From where you carry the weight to what you're craving, there are plenty of homespun methods such as using crystals to figure out what to expect when you're expecting.

Choose your method. You can choose to do crystal dowsing by creating a pendulum with the crystal and a string, or you can try scrying with a crystal by inducing a meditative or trancelike state and then looking into the crystal to find the answer to the question of your baby's gender.

Get the right kind of crystal. It's really a matter of preference, but if you're looking to find your baby's gender, a crystal connected to pregnancy or childbirth would be the best to use. Rose Quartz seems to be the best type of crystal to use for this, but Moonstone, Carnelian, Moss Agate, Unakite, clear Quartz or Rubellite Tourmaline are also good options.

Make a pendulum by attaching a 12-inch purple or white string to the crystal. Tie the string on and then glue it into place. Don't bore a hole through the crystal. Hold the pendulum in you left hand with the string looped over your index finger and lightly pinched between your thumb and middle and ring fingers.

Hold the pendulum over your belly and relax your mind. Ask a few basic yes or no questions at first to gauge the movement of the pendulum before you ask about more serious questions. Once you determine which way the pendulum moves for a yes and for a no, you can ask if your baby is a boy or a girl and then wait for the answer to come.

Darken a quiet room and light a candle for the crystal scrying method. Lean back or lie down and hold the crystal in loosely in your hands over your belly. Try to look past the surface of the crystal and empty your mind of other thoughts and distractions. Breathe slowly and focus on the question. Eventually, an image or pattern will emerge that can tell you the gender of your baby.


  • Wait for a full moon to use your crystal whenever possible, as the moonlight will magnify the effect of the divination method, especially during pregnancy.