Pastor's Aide Ministry Ideas

Pastor's aide ministries assist the senior pastor morally, spiritually and financially.

The pastor's aide ministry functions to encourage the pastor personally and ministerially. This includes financial, moral and spiritual support for him and his family and assistance with church programs and ministry. Support is extended via prayer, fundraising, participation in ministries and personal follow-up. It finds its biblical basis, among other places, in 1 Timothy 5:17, "Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word."

1 Personal Contact

Consult with the pastor to determine the most convenient time for weekly, personal follow-up. It's important to stay abreast of ongoing ministry and personal needs. This weekly conference may be conducted either in person or via telephone, depending on his preference. Pastor aide ministry leaders and participants must conduct themselves in a very thoughtful manner to earn respect and trust. Pastors are often guarded about personal and family needs.

2 Fundraising

Develop a calendar of upcoming ministry events and initiatives and a side list of visionary dreams the pastor has. Visionary dreams will include the development of new ministries and outreaches. Work with him to prioritize these items and find out the appropriate means for raising funds. Brainstorm with fellow aide ministry leaders and workers to formulate events and initiatives to raise funds. Put these on the church calendar upon receiving pastoral approval.

3 Prayer

Seek the pastor's input concerning whom he most trusts among the members of the pastor's aide ministry. This group will then form a prayer team that will lift up the most personal and private needs the pastor may share. The entire team will intercede concerning church ministry and vision. Pastors need a core group, however, in whom they may confide personal needs and remain sure of confidentiality.

4 Occasions for Honor

Make a list of important dates pertaining to the pastor and place them on the annual calendar. These will include ministry anniversary, birthday and wedding anniversary. Coordinate special banquets, love offerings and personal expressions of gratitude from members to coincide with these occasions. These expressions may include cards, personal gifts and public testimonies thanking the pastor for his ministry.

5 Visitation

Create a system that can be placed into action in the event of a personal loss in the pastor's family. These losses may include the death of a loved one or some other personal difficulty that upsets the pastor's normal schedule and routine. For example, meals might be prepared in the event of a death in his family. This will relieve the pastor or his wife from cooking, and demonstrate concern.

Mark Quick began writing professionally in 1998. His experience includes six years as a reporter and editor-in-chief for Houston Community Newspapers. He has been a credentialed minister since 1993 and currently serves as senior pastor of Cornerstone Assembly of God.