If you want to email someone the contents of a single Excel worksheet cell, you don't have to send the entire file as an attachment. Instead, you can use Excel's Hyperlink function to launch your email application, address the message and include the contents of one or more cells with a single mouse click. An even simpler way to pass worksheet data by email is the old-fashioned, copy and paste method.

Excel Hyperlink Function

Step 1

Click an empty worksheet cell that will contain the email Hyperlink function.

Step 2

The "friendly name" makes the email hyperlink easier to locate.

Type the Hyperlink function formula to email a worksheet cell. The formula should contain at least the recipient's email address and the cell that contains the data you want to pass. In addition, you can add a subject for your message. The final Hyperlink function argument is an optional "friendly" name for the link itself. If you omit the friendly name, however, Excel will display the contents of the formula instead as a hyperlink instead. For example, if the email address is "aab@myfee.com," your subject is "My Excel Data," your data is in cell H1 and your “friendly” name is “Send Data From Cell Above," your formula will resemble the following:

=HYPERLINK("mailto:aab@myfee.com?&subject=My Excel Data&body="&H1,"Send Data From Cell Above")

Step 3

Click "Enter" to accept the formula.

Step 4

Mail is the default Windows 8 email application.

Click the friendly name or email hyperlink to send your message using your system's default email application.

Copy and Paste Method

Step 1

Select the Excel worksheet cell containing the data you want to send.

Step 2

Press "Ctrl-C" to copy the cell's content to your clipboard.

Step 3

Launch your email application, click your mouse within the body or message section and then press "Ctrl-V" to paste the worksheet cell contents into the email.