My OpenOffice Is Stuck in Recovery Mode

OpenOffice can be frustrating when it gets stuck in recovery mode.
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Apache's OpenOffice is an open source software suite that offers spreadsheets, word processing, database creation and visual presentations. If the program crashes while a file is open, it will start in recovery mode the next time it launches. Occasionally, the process will not finish correctly and the program will get stuck in recovery mode.

1 Restart Recovery

When you start OpenOffice, the recovery dialog box may be displayed with the buttons off the screen or with no button at all. Because you cannot simply click the button of your choice, you must try to use the appropriate keyboard shortcuts to force OpenOffice to either cancel or finish the recovery process. Press "Alt-S" to attempt to start recovery or "Alt-N" to cancel the process.

2 Delete Recovery Files

OpenOffice stores your recovery information in a file named Recovery.xcu or Registrymodifications.xcu. It is usually located in the Documents and settings/[username]/Application data/Openoffice.org2/user/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/ folder. Deleting this file will reset the recovery settings to the default. Use the Windows search feature if you cannot find the folder. You may need to turn on the option for searching hidden files.

3 Windows Vista

If you use Windows Vista, you must disable the User Account Control before it will let you find the hidden XCU file. Click the Start button, click "Run" and type "msconfig" to launch the Windows configuration utility. Select the "Tools" tab and disable the UAC. Restart your computer and you will be able to locate and delete the recovery file.

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