Recruits who want to improve their scores on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery must first try to improve their scores on the most important part of the test: the Armed Services Qualification Test. Better scores on this portion will mean a better overall score -- and better chances of getting the assignment they want.


The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery consists of several tests -- depending on the test form taken -- that measure a soldier's readiness for jobs within the military, his ability to follow commands and be trained, and his ability to hold future leadership positions. According to the Official ASVAB website, tests include general science, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, mathematics knowledge, electronics information, auto and shop information, mechanical comprehension and assembling objects. The four domains tested are: verbal, math, science, and technical.

The AFQT Score

The AFQT score is the most important score from the ASVAB test, according to Instant ASVAB. To compute the AFQT score, a recruit first takes the ASVAB, and then his scores on the word knowledge and paragraph comprehension tests are added together and doubled. His scores on the arithmetic reasoning and math knowledge are then added to the verbal score. Each branch of the armed forces uses the AFQT score to determine a recruit's aptitude for training. The higher the AFQT score, the better a soldier's chances are of getting an assignment or position he wants.

The Verbal Tests

Two tests make up the verbal score in the AFQT. Because this score is doubled, good scores on the paragraph comprehension test and the word knowledge test mean the overall AFQT score will be higher. Several online sites have practice tests for the paragraph comprehension test and the word knowledge test. has practice tests for all sections of the ASVAB. TestPrepPreview also has practice tests. Recruits who need help on the word knowledge test can visit Quizlet and WordDynamo. Students who need help with paragraph comprehension can visit Cram or SafariBooksOnline.

Mathematics Tests

Two mathematics tests are part of the AFQT score: the arithmetic reasoning test and the mathematics knowledge test. Practice tests for the arithmetic reasoning are available at 4Tests and ASVABTestBank. Soldiers can take practice tests for mathematics knowledge at PracticeQuiz and TestPrepPractice. For recruits who need further help on the mathematics tests for the ASVAB, there are some great tutorial websites for math. The Cape May Coast Guard Training Station has a list of math tutorial websites on its homepage.