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In addition to a flight suit, undershirt, khaki garrison cap and leather boots, the Navy uniform regulations includes a flight jacket in the list of required uniform items for naval aviators, naval flight officers, flight surgeons and select aircrew. Flight jackets are to be worn when inclement, winter weather calls for it.


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The three types of Navy flight jackets are sage green nylon, tan nylon and brown leather. All are authorized to be worn with flight suits. However, you should only wear sage green nylon jackets with sage green flight suits, and tan flight jackets with tan flight suits.

Nylon Jackets

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Sage green and tan nylon jackets are authorized to be worn with flight suits. They are not, however, to be worn off-base or with civilian clothes or service uniforms. You can wear them with other working uniforms as permitted by individual commands.

Leather Jackets

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Brown leather jackets are the classically iconic alternative to the nylon jackets. Unlike the nylon jackets, you can wear brown leather jackets with flight suits, a variety of working uniforms, as well as service uniforms unlike. These leather jackets are issued to naval aviators, naval flight officers, naval flight surgeons and certain aircrew at a specific time during their training. If an individual damages his jacket, he can turn it in for a new one. When he leaves the Navy, he is allowed to keep the jacket, provided he is leaving under good terms, such as retirement and honorable discharge.


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Nylon and leather jackets include a cloth or leather name tag over the left breast. The name tag indicates rank, name and possibly command and billet designation. There may also be an additional patch over the right side of the chest, as authorized by the commanding officer of the individual squadron or command. You can sew on patches or affix them with Velcro.


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Brown leather jackets are a popular civilian coat option, but it should be noted that the Navy-issued leather flight jacket is a uniform item and is under the standardization of the U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations. You must follow these regulations when wearing the jacket.