The Best Bra for a One-Shoulder Dress

A one-shoulder little black dress is perfect for semiformal occasions.
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One-shoulder dresses and tops are fashionable, but they do leave you with a dilemma: Strapless bras are uncomfortable and may not stay where they belong, and you can't wear a one-shoulder dress with a two-strap bra. The convertible bra is an easy and versatile fix for this bra dilemma.

1 Convertible Comfort

A convertible bra consists of molded cups, adjustable and detachable straps, and multiple loops to attach the straps. Wear this practical bra as a strapless, halter, racerback or one-strap bra. To wear a convertible with a one-shoulder dress, remove one strap and extend the length of the other using the slide adjuster. Hook the single strap on the front side of the bra on the shoulder you plan to bare and the back side on the shoulder your dress covers. The single strap prevents the slipping associated with a strapless bra while keeping your bra undercover in a one-shoulder dress or top.

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