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A Re-entry Code (RE Code) is a key factor determining an individual’s eligibility for re-enlistment in the United States military. This code can be found on the Record of Discharge form. Military Re-entry Code 3 (RE 3) generally pertains to individuals who are eligible for re-enlistment but require a waiver in order to do so. A basic overview of Re-entry Code 3 as it applies to the various branches of service can be found below.

1 Army

In the U.S. Army, RE Code 3 refers to those no longer qualified to enlist but who may do so if they are able to provide an appropriate waiver. Its subsections A, B, and C refer specifically to individuals who have not met certain length of service, pay-grade or aptitude requirements.

2 Navy/Marines/Coast Guard

The Navy’s RE Code 3 covers more circumstances than the Army. Its subsections, A-K, represent discharges ranging from failure to meet education requirements to discharge due to pregnancy and parenthood. As with the Army, those individuals classified with the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard must present a waiver in order to become eligible for re-enlistment. Those classified as ineligible for failing to meet educational requirements must present proof that they have completed the necessary level of education in order to obtain a waiver.

3 Air Force

The Air Force's RE Code 3 contains subsections A-V, and generally pertains to individuals discharged prior to completing a length of service requirement or without obtaining a particular skill qualification. Subsections U and V pertain specifically to individuals discharged with Special or Voluntary Separation benefits. Again, these individuals generally must obtain waivers in order to be eligible for re-enlistment.

4 Waivers

Waivers are acquired from the recruiting officer with whom an individual meets during the re-enlistment process. Obtaining a waiver can be a highly subjective process depending on the officer processing the re-enlistment, the armed services' needs, and, of course, the applicant's RE Code. It is also possible for an individual to petition his or her congressman for help in obtaining a waiver.

5 Summary

Military Re-entry Code 3 is a classification that represents a difficult but ultimately surmountable obstacle to re-enlistment in the United States military, depending on the circumstances of an individual's discharge and the military's ever-changing manpower demands.

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