How to Name All Real Square Roots


How to name all real square roots. I'm Bon Crowder with and I'm talking about real square roots. The question is can we list all the real square roots? Well after all we are mere mortals and it would take an infinite amount of time and energy to actually list them, however, we have some pretty cool tools that we can use and that is set theory notation or set notation. So I can say the set of all square root of X such that X is greater than or equal to 0 and that actually gives me the list of all real square roots. However, some people might be a little picky and so they may say what we really need are the positive ones, X is greater than or equal to 0 along with all the negative square roots. This piece right here the X is greater than or equal to 0 just means that we're not going to put a negative number under that square root because that's going to give us imaginary numbers and we don't want imaginary numbers, we only want the real ones. So there we have the list of all positive real square roots, actually and negative. I'm Bon Crowder with Have fun with this.

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