How to Memorize Math


Hi, my name is Marija, and today I’m going to show you how to memorize math. And, the best way to memorize math or anything is through repetition, and you can do verbal repetition, or you can do written repetition. So, if you’re doing verbal repetition, then I’m talking about making use of flash cards. So, flash cards can help you memorize any of the operations in math simply by helping a partner, or using a partner to help you in repeating problems. And then, you can also do written repetition. So, written repetition is great for memorizing things like your times tables – you just write them over and over again. And, that is the absolute best process if you are learning something that just needs to be memorized. Write it over and over again, and say it over and over again. And, the more you repeat it, the better you will memorize it. And, that is how to memorize math.

Marija Kero graduated from the Pforzheimer Honors College at Pace University with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Adolescent Education.