How to Meet a Girl's Parents in High School

Focus on being yourself when you meet a girl's parents.
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Even if you’re a confident guy, meeting a girl’s parents can strike some serious fear in you. It’s natural to worry about if they will like you and find you good enough to continue hanging out with their daughter. Although you can’t completely control their reactions to you, win them over by focusing on the basics.

1 Get to Know the Mind of a Parent

2 Understand that they

Understand that they want to make sure you are good enough for their daughter. They’ve probably always wanted the best for her. And they want the best people surrounding her as well. This includes you too, buster.

3 Know you

Know you are guilty until proven innocent. Guilty of what, you ask? Everything that reminds them that their daughter is growing up. To them, you’re a potential heart-breaker. And not only that, they think you probably have your mind in the gutter most of the time. This is unfair to you, of course. But this is how her parents may think of you.

4 Realize that parent s

Realize that parent’s aren’t politically correct when it comes to their daughters. So, you’re background will matter to them. They’ll want to know where you came from, what your family is generally like, and if you’re serious about school.

5 Use Advanced Charm Skills

6 Happen to have a daughter

Express interest in them as regular folks who happen to have a daughter you like. Ask them fairly boring questions like, “Where do you work?” and “Where are you from?” And try your best to be interested in their answers. Because once you know her dad’s an accountant, for example, you don’t want to mention that you hate math. At least, not the first time you meet them!

7 Stay and about their daughter

Stay positive and upbeat about their daughter. You know you like their daughter. And they know this, too. So, show them! You can say things like, “I’m sure you know how great your daughter is at tennis. Where did she get that from?” This shows her parents that you think she is special and you also know that they had a hand in making her the way she is.

8 Focus on being yourself

Focus on being yourself. Try not to impress them too much by exaggerating your accomplishments or appearing as if you come from a perfect family. Parents can see right through these tactics and will begin to wonder what you are hiding. Instead, focus on being genuinely warm with them and letting them catch a glimpse of who you really are as a person, suggests “How to Make a Great First Impression, Guaranteed” on the website YourTango. For example, if you struggle with the dreaded, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question, answer it honestly. Say, “I’m still exploring my options, but one of my favorite subjects is history.”

  • Demonstrate that you have manners and are respectful by opening doors for women and by saying, “Please,” and “Thank you,” whenever it’s appropriate. Also make sure to be on time, emphasizes Peggy Post in the article entitled, “The Etiquette of Being on Time,” on Oprah’s website.

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