In the age of social media, chat rooms and text messaging, acronyms have become a common, quick way to communicate. Problems can arise when acronyms like "BFF" have several meanings. Context and asking the other person to explain can help you get a clearer idea of what is meant.

"BFF" Meanings

In most situations, "BFF" means "Best Friend Forever" or "Best Friends Forever," according to The shorthand "BFF" is recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary, first coming into use around 1996, according to "Psychology Today" psychologist Irene S. Levine. The informal acronym "BFF" has since been used when signing off from an instant message, chat or text conversations, or it is used as a term of affection for another person. "BFF" usually refers to a girl's best friend, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The phrase could also mean "Best Foot Forward," or it could also refer to the American alternative rock group "Ben Folds Five."