Materials Used in School Uniforms

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School uniforms can be a controversial topic in America. Advocates of uniforms say they remove class barriers between the children who can afford designer labels and those who cannot. Some people believe making children wear them is a violation of free speech. The materials used in school uniforms are designed to be hard-wearing and easy to clean.

1 Polyester

Polyester is one of the most commonly used material in school uniforms. This is because it has many suitable qualities for this kind of wear. It is very durable, which is useful when being worn by energetic children. It is to clean and can be dyed, which means it can be personalized to a school. It is most commonly used in school jumpers, but a some polyester is used in shirts, pants and skirts as well.

2 Nylon

This synthetic fiber was first produced in 1935 and has since become one of the most widely used polymers. Its application ranges from clothing to machine parts. It is a strong, light-weight fiber that is easy to clean and color making it a perfect material for any element of a school uniform.

3 Cotton

Cotton is the cornerstone of the fabrics market as it is cheap to produce and manufacture. It's durable and easy to dye as well. Woven cotton breathes well, which keeps kids cool when they are running around all day. Polyester is often mixed with the cotton to keep it from shrinking and creasing.

4 Dacron

This is a synthetic fiber developed by a chemical company during the 1940s. It is closely related to polyester, but is used more as a reinforcing agent in pants and skirts to give them extra wear. It is made using ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid.

5 Wool

It is unlikely to find wool being used on its own as a school uniform garment, but like polyester it is often mixed with other fabrics to make school jumpers or jackets.

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