What Is Stripless Waxing?

After wax is applied during stripless waxing, the wax peels right off.
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Waxing can be a painful and messy endeavor, but this doesn't have to be the case with stripless waxing. Also known as hard wax, stripless waxing aids in expediting the hair removal with less mess. Neither cloth nor paper waxing strips is needed for this waxing procedure, and it is generally performed by a licensed professional because it requires skill and practice to avoid any painful mishaps that can occur from improper wax application and removal.

1 Stripless Waxing

Stripless wax is applied to the desired area of skin to be waxed and then allowed to cool for a few seconds. Once the wax hardens, an aesthetician or cosmetologist pulls the wax off of the skin, removing the hair with it. Stripless wax is removed in the opposite direction of the hair growth, just as traditional "soft" wax is removed. Beauty mavens hoping for less pain often opt for hard wax, though this is very subjective. It is also said that hard wax is better for course hair and sensitive areas.

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