What Natural Phenomenon Is Pegasus Associated With in Greek Mythology?

Pegasus symbolized peace, strength and magic.
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Pegasus was the beautiful winged horse that sprang forth from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa's severed head. His father was Poseidon, god of the seas. Pegasus was known for his many good deeds and gentle nature. Pegasus was associated with several natural phenomena, including water, lightning and thunder.

1 Hippocrene Spring

Pegasus was credited with the ability to create natural springs with the stamp of his hoof. Although Pegasus created many springs, the most famous was the Hippocrene spring on Mt. Helicon. The springs were flowing fountains of inspiration. They were sacred to the Muses, who loved and respected the winged horse.

2 Thunder and Lightning

Pegasus is associated with thunder and lightning. When Pegasus flew to Mount Olympus, Zeus gave him a place among the gods, and Pegasus served Zeus by carrying his thunderbolts on his back.

3 The Constellation

On the day that Pegasus died, Zeus honored the winged horse by placing him in the sky, giving him his own constellation.

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