What Are the Arch Angels Names & Jobs?

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Archangels are one of the nine orders of angels that God created to be his messengers. Each of the seven archangels was given special gifts and charged with helping people in a specific way.

1 Michael

Michael is the head of the archangels, and his name means “One who is like God.” His job is to banish fear and provide guidance and strength.

2 Raphael

Raphael is charged with healing people and animals from any number of difficulties, both mental and physical. Raphael can also help to find a lost pet or protect travelers.

3 Gabriel

Gabriel aids women who are trying to conceive or adopt a child. Gabriel’s name means “Strength of God,” and this angel can deliver messages and help those in the field of communication.

4 Uriel

The name Uriel is associated with the light and fire of God. Uriel can aid in intellectual pursuits, particularly problem-solving, as well as providing assistance in times of natural disasters.

5 Chamuel

Chamuel is “he who sees God.” He brings love to relationships, and can help someone find a loving partner. Chamuel also provides comfort and protection.

6 Jophiel and Raguel

Jophiel’s name is associated with beauty, and his job is to inspire people to enjoy and create beautiful things. Raguel sees that all the angels work together in fairness and justice.