Poseidon was the ancient Greek god and ruler of the sea. He was also the god earthquakes and horses. The lord of the sea and his wife, Amphitrite, lived in a golden palace under the ocean. His weapon of choice was his mighty trident. Though Poseidon spent most of his time under water, he is credited with creating the horse, which was an important animal for the ancient Greeks.

Why Poseidon Created the Horse

Two tales explain why Poseidon created the horse. Though married, Poseidon had many affairs and sought to woo Demeter, the goddess of corn and the harvest, but she was not receptive to his overtures. He created the most beautiful animal, the horse, in an unsuccessful attempt to win her heart. He eventually lost interest in Demeter. Another story is about Poseidon in competition with Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, for the naming rights to the city of Cecropia. The other Greek gods decided that the competitor who produced the most useful gift for humans would win the contest. Poseidon created the horse, tamed it, and taught people the art of horsemanship. Athena created the olive tree and won the contest. Cecropia’s name was changed to Athens, the capital of modern Greece.