Whether a man notices what a woman wears on the first date depends on this personality. However, most men are visual. Even if a guy does not notice whether a woman's shoes match her dress, chances are that he will notice whether she put effort into looking good for the first date.

What Men Notice

Unless a man has a particular eye for fashion, he will likely pay little attention to your overall outfit — that is, unless it is completely inappropriate for the time and place. For example, unless your first date is at a gym, a guy will probably notice if you show up to your date in sweatpants -- and his 'noticing' won't be in a good way. For her piece in “Psychology Today” on men and fashion, clinical psychologist Jennifer Baumgartner interviewed ordinary men and asked what types of clothing they find appealing and unappealing on women. Generally, guys noticed outfits that showed off the “female form” while still being “classy.” Overall, Baumgartner’s interviews showed that men take positive notice when women look clean, well-groomed and strong, yet feminine.