When you create a new text post on Tumblr, the New Text Post form includes font formatting tools that enable bolding and italics. The simplest way to italicize text is to use these formatting tools in the post form. However, you can also insert the tag set around the text to italicize while viewing the post in HTML mode. In addition to applying italics to text, you can bold text, create numbered and unnumbered bullet lists and align post text using the formatting tools.

Step 1

Log in to Tumblr, then click the “Aa” text post icon to open the New Text Post form.

Step 2

Type an optional title for the post, then Type the content of your post in the post text box.

Step 3

Drag the cursor over the words to italicize, then click the “i” icon in the top toolbar in the post form. Make sure that the “HTML” feature is not active. If HTML view is enabled, the “i” icon is grayed out.

Step 4

Click the “Post” icon to publish the post.


  • To italicize text in your Tumblr theme, open the theme in the Tumblr HTML editor and edit the CSS associated with the text to modify. To do this, click the drop-down arrow next to the name of your blog in the dashboard, then click the blog to edit. Click “Customize,” then click “Edit HTML” in the Customize menu. The theme opens in the HTML editor.

  • You can also insert italics with the post in HTML mode by inserting a “<em>” tag at the beginning of the text to italicize, then an “</em>” tag at the end of the text.