How to Make a Food Web Worksheet

Food web diagrams are graphic orgaizers.

Food webs show the relationships between predators and prey of various food chains within an ecosystem and act as a tool for studying life science.You can make a food web worksheet that shows an example of a food web for students to reference or you can create an activity in which kids write the names of the predators and prey into the appropriate blank spaces within a food web diagram.

  • Pencil or pen
  • Paper
  • Microsoft Word
  • Printer

1 Computer Food Web Diagram

2 Choose a terrestrial

Choose a terrestrial or aquatic food web to represent. Write a list of the plant and animal organisms you wish to represent in the food web. Sketch a design that shows the relationship between predators and prey.

3 Create a new Word document

Create a new Word document.

4 Click the Insert option

Click the "Insert" option at the top of the page (in Word 2007; these items may be different in other versions). Click "Shapes" to access various shape and arrow options needed to create your food web.

5 Click on a circle shape

Click on a circle shape while in the "Shape" option menu. Right click your mouse on the document so that the shape appears. Hold down the "Ctrl" and "C" keys at the same time to copy the shape as many times as needed to represent the number of organisms.

6 Choose various arrows

Choose various arrows that point in different directions from the "Shapes" menu. Follow the directions from Step 4 to copy and paste multiple arrows onto the document.

7 Arrange the arrows

Arrange the arrows so that they are pointing outwards in various directions from the circles according to the associated predator-prey relationships.

8 Type

Type the names of the predators and prey in the circles to exemplify the relationships or type a list of predators and prey on the bottom of the page so that students can place the names in the correct circles.

9 Click File

Click "File" in the upper-right corner at the top of the page. Click "Print" to access the print menu. Click "OK" to print the food web.

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