Almost all college students are required -- at some point -- to do a presentation of some sort. Many students dread these assignments and struggle to find ways to get through the them successfully. Generating new ways to look at old concepts can help students to get through even the most challenging classes. Making presentations more creative will not only benefit the student, but it will also help to retain the attention of peers and make the learning process a little bit more engaging for everyone.

Step 1

Bring in the visual aids. Having a visual element or props to back your verbal presentation may help to keep your listening audience interested in what you’re saying. Adding things such as an artifact, a photo, a film clip or even a sample piece of fabric, food or something relevant to the discussion will add a creative twist. If you are artistic, use a flip chart to draw out some of your ideas.

Step 2

Add a little background music. Just as you might add visual supplements, you may also consider adding something extra to supplement your own voice in the audio department. If you know a keyboardist, or you own a keyboard or other electronic device that creates sound effects, incorporate them into your presentation.

Step 3

Bring in special guests. If you know someone who is an expert in the area of discussion, you might want to add them to your presentation. Use your classmates as volunteers to visually support your presentation. Not only will this add some creativity, but it will encourage audience participation and keep your listeners engaged.

Step 4

Create a theme. For example, if your assignment is for a history class, you could go back in time by dressing the part and creating a feel for a historical moment. Once you’ve established a theme, find a few items to decorate the classroom in preparation for your presentation.

Step 5

Turn your presentation into an interactive game or talk show. Create a setting based on a popular game or talk show. You could even give away prizes to make it even more interesting.

Step 6

Take it outside of the classroom. Add some creative flair by changing the location of the presentation to somewhere outside of your classroom. Consider an outdoor presentation at a park, monument or other landmark.