Creative Ideas for Group Presentations

Interactive group presentations can make it fun for everybody -- including the audience.

If you want to make your group presentations interesting, try making them creative and distinct. You can use interactive and communicative approaches to deliver your presentation. Besides using the text in your slideshow, you can apply unique ideas to make your presentation interesting and lively. Such ideas gain the audience’s attention and your presentation might well be the thing they talk about for days.

1 Visual Aids

Using visual aids may help your group deliver an effective and attractive presentation. Visual aids such as pictures, graphs, tables, posters, handouts or video clips can increase the understanding level of the audience and may help to reach your objectives. They can reinforce the message and create excitement in the presentation. Each group member can provide his opinion about the picture or video clip, which could be beneficial for both audience and group. As reported on, some educational researchers state that around 83 percent of human learning is from the visual sense and the remaining 11 percent is from your other senses. Even when picking out pictures and videos, choose unique items that would grasp the audience's attention immediately. If your slides have a background theme, make sure it's catchy and attractive.

2 Documentary

Since it’s a group presentation, active participation of all the members is necessary. You can make a short film on your topic so the presentation is more effective and creative. For instance, if your topic is a social issue, then make a short film to create awareness or to deliver the message. You can divide the work among members; one can shoot the documentary, one can do the editing and the rest can act in the film. This way, the workload is shared and everyone participates equally.

3 Skit

Before giving the presentation, showing a live performance may liven up the presentation and make the audience active. You can perform a short skit to introduce your presentation topic to the audience. For instance, if the topic is related to marketing, show your idea by performing a skit. This way, the audience can understand your idea better and it would put the idea into effect. A skit can lighten up the mood and can make the presentation interesting.

4 Audience Participation

If you want to keep the presentation from being boring and dull, involve the audience in your presentation. Consider introducing quizzes and games for the active participation of the audience, which may make them feel like they are a part of the presentation. During the presentation, ask them to fill out questionnaires or play games with them to keep their moods lively. You can keep them active by asking questions or their opinions about the topic.

Dr. Muhammad Haq has been writing for over 10 years on medicine and health issues in the "British Medical Journal" and on various websites. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in medicine and obtained membership in the Royal College of Physicians in the U.K. Dr. Haq has been teaching in the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital since.