Why Are Silverfish Harmful?

A silverfish.

Silverfish are silver and grey in color, with torpedo shaped bodies and they are approximately 12 millimeters in length. Silverfish also have no wings with two long antennae on their heads, with three at the rear end. Silverfish make short darting movements like a fish when disturbed, hence the name silverfish.

1 Harmful

Silverfish may cause trouble in pantries.

Silverfish do not bite or sting, and they are not harmful to human or pet health and safety at any time. However, silverfish cause damage to food in pantries, clothing, wallpaper and books.

2 Diet

Silverfish will feed on paper and book bindings.

The silverfish diet consists of molds, yarn, silk, starchy foods and damp wallpaper. Silverfish will also feed on glue, boxes, papers, book bindings and even starchy material and clothing.

3 Infestation

Silverfish can be found in sinks.

Signs of silverfish infestation include: sightings of silverfish skittering around in bath tubs and sinks, damp places that have the surface eaten away in irregular patches.

4 Prevention

Bathtubs may also be home to silverfish.

Silverfish thrive in very damp and moist conditions and also poor hygiene areas. To prevent silverfish infestation, cure dampness and moist areas immediately. Use an insecticide dust that can be purchased at the nearest garden center or do it yourself pest control.

5 Warning

Use insecticides cautiously.

Please note that the insecticides and do it yourself chemicals can be very hazardous to humans and their pets health. Please be sure to read all labels before using any chemicals.

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