How to Listen to Bird Songs

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It is possible to listen to many more types of birds sing online than you would most likely ever be able to hear by days of birdwatching. Birds use the phenomenon of song to communicate with each other in a way that rivals human speech, and listening to them sing is one of the most adored pastimes for nature lovers around the world. There are many sites online that feature audio from various species of birds, which are available for streaming, download or for order on CD. Not everyone has the luxury of traveling the world in search of these amazing pieces of music, but now these songs are available to all who wish to hear them.


2 Visit the Birdsong Radio

Visit the Birdsong Radio, eNature or Nature Songs website. These websites have audio links for each type of bird that they have in their database.

3 Navigate

Navigate to the bird that you want to hear sing. Click on one of the different bird names that are listed under the general classifications on those sites. eNature, for example, will then provide a list of each of the individual species that falls under that name. Click on the "For an Alphabetical Species, Click Here" link at the top of the Nature Songs website to be directed to an A to Z list of birds that have been digitally recorded singing. Click on the appropriate bird that you want to hear to listen to the song automatically.

4 Listen to streaming audio of birds singing

Listen to streaming audio of birds singing. Scroll down on the Birdsong Radio website and click on the appropriate media player in which you wish to hear the songs, such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, Realplayer or another player. If the default name of the software being used to open the file is not what you desire, change it from the drop-down menu next to "Open With" on the dialog box. Click "OK" when asked how you want to open the file. When the file opens, you will hear streaming radio of songs coming through your computer's speakers.

5 Purchase a CD of birds singing

Purchase a CD of birds singing. Click on the "Birdsong CD" on the Birdsong Radio website in order to be directed to the CD ordering page. Click "Add to Cart," and follow the on-screen instructions for completing your order. You can also purchase a MP3 download from this page as well, instead of ordering it on disc.

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