Reversing an Audio Region in Logic

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Whether creating backwards crash cymbal samples in dance music production, adding secret Beatles-esque messages to your rock song, or just fooling around, you may find you want to reverse audio in Apple's Logic recording software. This is the same effect you'd get by spinning a record counter-clockwise, and can be accomplished using Logic's Audio File Editor (not to be confused with the Audio Track Editor) with some advanced options enabled.

1 Enabling Advanced Audio Options

2 Click the Logic Pro X menu

Click the "Logic Pro X" menu, enter the "Preferences" sub-menu and choose "Advanced Tools."

3 Enable the Show Advanced Tools check box

Enable the "Show Advanced Tools" check box if it's not already enabled, then enable the "Audio" checkbox under the Advanced Options section.

4 Close the Preferences window

Close the Preferences window.

5 Reversing Audio

6 Click to select an audio region

Click to select an audio region in the Tracks area of the main Logic interface.

7 Open the Audio File Editor

Open the Audio File Editor in one of the following ways: choose "Open Audio File Editor" from the "Window" menu, press "Command-6," or hold the "Option" key and double-click the audio region.

8 Click and drag to select the portion

Click and drag to select the portion of the sound you wish to reverse, or press "Command-A" to select the whole region.

9 Choose from the Functions

Choose "Reverse" from the "Functions" drop-down menu, or press "Control-Shift-R." Confirm the dialog window if it appears. The audio is reversed. You can preview the reversed sound using the editor's Prelisten button, which appears along the top of the window and has a speaker icon.

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