How to Get My Mom to Stop Yelling at Me

An apology can serve as a bridge to better rapport with Mom.
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You may wonder why disagreements occur between people who love each other, but it’s normal for family members to disagree, reports Kids Health. After all, you're different people and you may have different ideas of how things should be. Although it’s natural to sometimes disagree, no one wins when a conflict with your mom escalates into yelling. It can help to learn how to respond to your mom to minimize yelling.

1 Play on the Team

When you take the time to listen to your mom's concerns, and follow through on tasks that your mom has assigned to you without complaining, your behavior communicates that you care about earning her respect, and that you care about being a team member in your family. Taking these steps can eliminate a source of conflict between parents and their kids, thus reducing the amount of yelling that occurs.

2 Take a Hike

It’s always okay to walk away when the tension mounts, and before voices escalate and tempers flare. Your mom may choose to do the same if you do, and Janet Lehman, MSW, in her “Tired of Yelling at Your Child? Stop Screaming and Start Parenting Effectively” article for Empowering Parents reminds parents that they can choose to walk away rather than yell and scream. Before walking away, explain to your mom that you would like to resume the conversation when you both feel calmer, and she will probably take the hint.

3 Words That Build Bridges

Saying “I’m sorry” isn’t a magic wand that miraculously erases your mom’s motivation for yelling at you and ensures that it never happens again. However, those two little words are powerful, because they communicate so much. A sincere apology serves as an influential interlude to peace; even if you don't feel that you are to blame, you can be sorry that the situation led to upset feelings or frustration. When your mom hears your apology, she may be able to calm down and discuss the situation without raising her voice.

4 Learn New Habits With Help

Everyone benefits from some additional help when a problem appears too complicated to solve on your own. Sometimes families develop negative habits that are difficult to overcome without outside support. If your mom cannot interact with you without yelling, and the situation appears to be getting worse, you and mom may ask a counselor or family therapist to help. These individuals listen to the problem, and then suggest new ways to break the old habits of yelling and feeling unhappy.