How to Tell a Guy You Were Wrong & You Are Sorry That You Hurt His Feelings

Reserve your apology for a time when emotions or tempers aren't running high.
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A sincere apology is much more than simply saying you're sorry. It is the ability to acknowledge your mistakes, truly understand your boyfriend's hurt feelings and express your regret for causing them -- with the promise that you will do better in the future. Learn how to apologize sincerely and meaningfully so that both of you can heal and move forward.

Reflect honestly on your behavior. Think about what you did that hurt your guy's feelings, and try to figure out what led you to behave that way. If you gave your number to someone else, for example, consider the underlying reasons why you would want to get to know someone else. Maybe your actions stemmed from a desire to arouse your guy's jealousy as a way of testing your worth to him, or maybe you miss the attention you used to receive when you were single. Whatever the case, you will need to understand your own motives in order to fix the mistake.

Begin your apology by acknowledging your mistakes and accepting responsibility for the hurtful effects of your actions or behavior. "I know I disrespected you, and I'm sorry I let my selfishness get in the way of our relationship," for example, is more sincere, accountable, comforting and meaningful than a vague and dismissive "Sorry if you feel hurt."

Problem-solve instead of making excuses. Don't try to explain why you did what you did -- simply acknowledge your mistake, take responsibility for it and move on. Begin to talk about how you can change the problem or make a different decision in the future.

Encourage your guy to talk about how he feels and tell you what he needs from you in order to make the situation right. Try to imagine how you would feel and empathize with him. Ask him how you can restore his confidence in you or make it up to him. Maybe he needs some time apart to think, or maybe he just needs a firm promise of resolution from you.

End the conversation by asking your guy to forgive you. Reiterate your regret and acknowledge your plan to fix the mistake or be better in the future. Be patient while your partner heals, and understand that it might take some time for you to earn back his trust.

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