The Voice Memo app -- as well as many of the other built-in apps that you may be familiar with on the iPhone -- isn't factory installed on the iPad. There are, however, a number of third-party voice recording alternatives that are available in the App Store, many of which offer even more features than you'd find in the standard Voice Memo tool.

Voice Recording Alternatives

If you look to Voice Memo simply for spontaneous reminders and don't actually require audio playback features, dictate your memos to Siri instead and obtain a text-based transcription of your spoken words. If you require a voice recording solution, however, explore third-party apps.

Exploring Third-Party Alternatives

The Apple App Store offers some highly rated, free and paid voice memo alternatives. CaptureAudio enables simultaneous voice recording and text input, making it handy for recording lectures while taking typed notes in class. Recorder for Dropbox, on the other hand, is a no-frills voice recording tool that enables you to save memos to Dropbox instead of the device's internal memory. Audio Memos comes in three versions: Audio Memos Free, which only offers simple recording; Audio Memos, which costs a nominal amount and offers recording plus in-app purchases of extra individual recording features; and the full-priced Audio Memos Pro, which comes with all available additional features.