How to Insert a Border in MS Outlook

Borders can help your email stand out from the crowd.
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Adding a border to an email in Outlook can add some flair to your email to help you attract attention or make a point. To insert a border in Outlook messages you can use text box tools. Keep your border simple, if you like, or let your creative side show by creating a more playful border to show off how you feel.

1 Building Your Border

You’ll have to add a border directly inside your message, so open a new email in Outlook. Click in the body of the email message itself and then click the “Insert” tab, Click “Text Box” in the Text section and then click “Draw Text Box.” Drag this text box to the edges of your email to set it as a border. Now you can type your message inside the text box and send off an email with a border.

2 Looking Just Right

To change the look and feel of your border, click on the “Drawing Tools” tab. In the Shape Styles section you can set the text box’s colors and add effects like shadows and reflections. To increase or decrease the thickness of your border, click the “Text Outline” button in the WordArt Styles section. The Weight menu will let you adjust the border thickness and the Dashes menu will let you further stylize your border.

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