How to Make Even Spacing With Excel

Even spacing can make spreadsheets much easier to read.
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Microsoft Excel provides formatting options that you can use to get your spreadsheet cells just right, from font and color to height and width. You can adjust the column and row size to provide uniform spacing throughout your spreadsheet, making your cells visually balanced and easy to navigate.

1 As Wide As You Want

Open up the Excel spreadsheet that requires uniform cell spacing and size. In the Home tab, click the “Format” button in the Cells section. Click “Default Width” in the Cell Size drop-down menu. Enter a new number in the "Standard Column Width" field and then click “OK.” All cells will be that width in your spreadsheet now. New columns you add also will have this new width.

2 As Tall As You’d Like

The process of setting a uniform row height is a bit different. First, you need to select the cells you want to adjust. This can be done by clicking the numbers for each row or pressing “Ctrl-A” to select every cell in the spreadsheet. Then, click the “Format” button and select “Row Height.” Putting a number in the Row height column applies that height uniformly to all of the highlighted cells.

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