Why Information Technology Is Important

Technology has become a major portion of everyday life. People in nearly every career are required to have some knowledge of computers and software. Information technology (IT) is used by organizations for a variety of reasons. Information technology helps organizations function more efficiently so they can improve.

1 History

Information technology has a relatively short history. "Sometime in the 1980s the Industrial Age came to an end. It's impossible to say when, exactly, but the advent of the personal computer and its growing ubiquity heralded the end of the era and ushered in a new one--the Information Age." Information technology can be found in schools at all levels across the country and it is used for a variety of day to day functions. The growth of IT in schools is evidenced by their use of technology to report student grades.

2 Classroom Uses

The most common use in today’s classrooms is for recording and tracking student grades. This information is stored on a school’s server and the can be accessed by parents anytime instead of waiting for quarterly report cards to be mailed. Information technology is also used by teachers as parents for communicating through email. This allows for quick communication about a child that can be saved in case it is needed at a later date.

3 Record Keeping

Schools use IT for keeping records for long periods of time. This allows school administrators to track financial and academic records on a server, which takes less space than individual paper files. It is necessary for schools to maintain records about students, faculty and staff: The use of IT simplifies this task.

4 Enhanced Learning

Utilizing IT allows teachers to enhance the curriculum. Software programs are available to make lessons more appealing to students and help them grasp concepts. In addition, students use IT to research topics for papers and discuss their classes with other students locally or in other parts of the country. Information technology has opened up the world to students and if used properly in classrooms will enhance their learning experiences. Teachers must be committed to using IT in their classrooms for the sake of student learning.

5 Conclusion

Schools in America utilize IT on a daily basis for everything from enhancing curriculum, to grading, and record keeping. Schools have become more efficient and less wasteful thanks to IT advances over the past few decades. Students are proficient in their use of IT and have the potential to make drastic improvements as they become educators in the near future.

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Jonathan Wilson has been in education for the past fifteen years, first as a teacher for five, a college coach for one, and then as a principal for nine. He is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in educational leadership and special educaiton.