Computers are an integral part of schools now instead of being supplemental features. They can be used in a variety of ways to augment knowledge and application.


This is the most common use for students in grades 4 through 12. When students have to write research papers on a specific topic, the computer provides the most easily accessible sources.

Data Entry

Basic keyboarding and word processing skills are taught on the computer. Knowledge of these is essential for school, college and career.


Computers are also being used to help learning disabled students. There are many interactive and tutorial programs online or available as software that help the challenged student with reading, math or other areas of weakness.


The use of computers has changed the face of distance education. Students can now be logged in at the same time, post assignments, and talk to each other on message boards while working on their college degrees.

Teacher Resource

The Internet provides a wealth of resources for teachers like lesson plans, pre-made tests, study guides, worksheets, and other activities that only have to be downloaded and printed. There are also grade book programs and class record-keeping templates that are time-savers.