Ideas for a Spouse's Ring After They Die

Find a dual pocket wedding box so both rings can be stored together.

After a spouse passes away, the family is left to sift through any belongings that are not bequeathed to someone in a will and appropriately care for them. Items such as a wedding band and engagement ring have sentimental value. Think about your spouse and how she might have wanted her rings taken care of after her death. Respectfully caring for her wedding and engagement rings is not only a testament to your loved one who has passed away, but a testament to your marriage as well.

1 Burial

The moments right after a death are an excruciatingly painful time. Therefore, making decisions during this time about belongings can prove regrettable later. However, one option is to bury the wedding band or engagement ring with your spouse. The rings can be left on her finger or placed in a pouch along with other mementos that are placed in the burial casket.

2 Bequeath

Since your spouse did not clearly bequeath his wedding ring formally in his will to another member of the family, the choice of who to hand it down to is up to you. If you have only one child, bequeath the ring to him. However, if you have multiple children, select either the first born or the one you think will appreciate the sentimental value of it the most. One way to satisfy other siblings who may feel hurt or slighted by your choice is to offer other jewelry that he owned to them as a keepsake.

3 Other Jewelry

Take her wedding or engagement ring and have it made into other jewelry. The ring can be kept intact and placed on a gold or platinum chain, or the rings can be melted down and made into other types of jewelry. Earrings, pendants and bracelets are all ideas of other types of jewelry that can be made from the rings. Contact a jeweler who specializes in jewelry design and design a piece based on the materials located within the rings.

4 Donate

If the monetary value of the ring is significant and you do not feel an emotional connection to the ring itself, donate the ring to a charity. They will sell the ring and use the proceeds for the cause. Select a charity or cause that had significant meaning for your spouse. He would've been happy to know that some of his possessions are able to provide relief for others in their time of need. Additionally, if you do not want to hand over the ring to the charity, sell the ring yourself and then donate the cash you receive.

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