How to Write a Product Complaint Letter. From time to time, you will find that you are dissatisfied with a product that you have purchased. If the product is faulty, you want to let the company know about the problem. One way to express your dissatisfaction is to write a product complaint letter.

Include your name and contact information at the top of the letter. You want to include not only your address, but also your phone number and email address.

Find out a contact name for the company. Address the letter to the specific head of the customer service department. If you do not have a name, simply address it to the customer service manager.

Start the body of the letter by giving the specifics of your purchase. Include the date of the purchase, price and the name of the store where you bought the product.

Continue the letter by explaining the problem with the product. Give details about how the product did not perform the way that it should have.

Suggest a way that the company can solve the problem. Possible suggestions include requesting a refund or replacement, or asking the company to cover the cost of repair.

Close the letter by thanking the company for their time. Also, suggest that they contact you in a timely fashion in order to avoid you seeking help from a consumer advocacy group.