How to Write a Petition Statement

Keep your petition statement brief and to the point to attract signers.

People create petition statements to promote a particular issue and to gain support for one side of an issue. A petition statement is normally a short account of the issue at hand and is placed on the top of a petition page. Below the statement are blank lines where people who agree with the statement sign their name to support the stated cause. A person doing petitioning may bring the statement to local businesses or area events and ask for signatures of those who support the statement.

Determine the need for the statement. If there is an issue that you feel strongly about, a petition statement might be an ideal way to gain support for your side. An example of a use for a petition statement is when there is discussion about a landfill to be placed near your town. People in the town might develop a petition to ask for signatures of all those who are against the idea.

Begin with a brief phrase like, “We the undersigned hereby affirm.”

Describe the issue. After the phrase, briefly describe the issue at hand, clearly explaining the position of the petition statement. It should allow readers to know and understand exactly what they are signing.

Include your concerns. After explaining your side of the issue, describe the key reasons you support or oppose the matter at hand.

Ask for help. At the end of the statement, ask readers to sign the petition if they agree with the information contained on the statement. Leave blanks that allow readers to sign their names and addresses.

Include details about where the petition will go. Offer information regarding where you will send the petition once it obtains enough signatures.

Publicize the petition. After the petition is created, circulate it. Drop it off at local businesses and bring it to community events. Place it online as well by posting it on appropriate blog sites or discussion groups.

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