A neighborhood watch often has meetings for training members and disseminating information.

A neighborhood watch is an organization led by the neighborhood to help minimize crime in the area. In the program, citizens of the neighborhood work with the police and look for suspicious behavior, such as someone trying to break in to a house. When you are starting up a new program or when you have a new family in the area, writing a letter to the family inviting them to meetings is an important part of informing others and involving them in the program.

Start with a sentiment such as “Dear Neighbor.” If you want to make the letter more personal, you can also put in the names of your neighbors if you know them.

Explain the neighborhood watch program. For example, tell the neighbors that you are starting up a new program for concerned citizens to form a network to reduce crime, or explain that the program exists and is comprised of citizens and the police to lower crime rates.

Tell why the program is important. For example, point out that the police are limited in number and might not see the crime occurring. State in the letter that it is part of your responsibility as a citizen to report crimes when you see them.

Write the invitation. Tell the neighbor they are invited to the next meeting and provide the complete address and start time.

Give some information about what will happen. For example, write that they will learn some techniques to protect their home, or that there will be a discussion about what to do in various emergency situations.

Provide a closing statement and signature. For example, put the word “Sincerely” and then sign it before printing your name for legibility.

Add a phone number for questions or RSVPs.